We specialize in Inlaying using CNC technogy, a method that assures very high precision and repeatability.  If you want a larger batch of headplate logos or series of fretboard markers this method is less time consuming and more predictable than hand-tooling the inlays.

We can of course also provide you with hand cut and engraved inlay of your choice.

The materials used differ widely. Most commonly used are different types of pearl, or pearl laminate. But we also use reconstituted stone, different types of plastics and polymers, and also softer metal alloys. Only your imagination sets the boundries, there are many materials out there that can be used for inlaying.

We do inlay work for both professional luthiers, amateur builders, woodworkers and anyone just wanting inlays to decorate their instruments or other objects. To get a price quote for your inlay project, or if you want more info, just send a message!